You can tell an engaged employee from their eyes!

The eyes of a person tell much, but I believe the yes of a highly engaged employee tell much more. I can say I can see the most tangible effect of the programs for employee engagement I have experienced over many years in people’s eyes. But let’s look now at how engagement reflects not in people’s eyes but in daily behaviours and work.

1. You can see it in the way they try to contribute to the work.

People have their own mission statements, yes, but they also have their own potentials. Some do not fit their mission statements and look for ways to go beyond and contribute further. Some may call this pragmatism, but believe me – the difference between alacrity and pragmatism is easy to see. Do not take the wind out of the sails of someone motivated. This would be a critical mistake.

2. You can see it in how they share their opinions with ease.

The era we are in now is definitely one of intellectuality. If you are able to keep people who are unafraid to speak their opinions on your team, you should be proud of yourself. Employees who share their opinions comfortably are usually engaged employees. They do not abstain from respectfully arguing on topics they do not agree on. As there is no true path for progress when we all say the same things, I find it essential that we keep such employees close.

3. They can ask for help.

Who do you go for help? To who you trust, of course… To the ones you believe can help you. Employees who are not scared to ask for help when they are stuck are open to progress, they choose to keep the system working and open instead of letting it plug up. This is an invaluable characteristic.

4. They naturally act as mentors.

Having natural mentors in the organization creates a more valuing atmosphere. The quality of a natural mentor, most valuable for new employees, is seen most in the most engaged employees. For them, the sharing of knowledge is a gift that comes along with their devotion for the company. And they enjoy sharing.

5. You can see their pride.

They talk about their company to their family and friends, are enthusiastic about bringing candidates to the company’s application process and they recommend their workplace to others. They react to the social media posts and promote communication and interaction between the company and the public. When they find someone valuable to the organization they make it their mission to present them to the company. This passion is indeed one of the most beautiful and enjoyable proofs of employee engagement.

6. They share their career plans and look for common ground.

Employees usually make their career plans according to their own instincts. Companies who are able to parallel their employees’ career plans are always at a definite advantage. If your employee involves you in their career plans despite you (!) and sees their progress at your establishment, this is very precious indeed. You can pave the way for them, make them into a trustworthy candidate for a leader. Means they are serious about you.

7. They harbor the perfect amount of ambition.

The word ‘ambition’ is a bit intimidating, I agree, but we must agree that success has an adequate amount of ambition in it. Hardworking attitude, the desire to succeed, the tendency to become a part of the success created, these do not exist in one with no ambition. Do not think that this emotion only develops by someone forcing it onto another, and tip your hat to the right dosage of ambition.

8. Their rhythm is different.

Of course it does. The time they take to answer, to create solutions, even their walk has a different rhythm, and I think this is something needed in an organization. I have always found it great when such people enter the room with positive energy. I like their pace, because it allows for progress.

Do not make the mistake, however, of thinking that these characteristics are of the people themselves, instead of buildable traits. I have met many people who start a program with “what are we doing here?” and leave with “I wish we did some more of that..” Yes, some people are hard to engage, but it is a delight to work with engaged people.

Isik Serifsoy

CEO Engage & Grow

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