Why transparency is key to employee engagement

Let’s answer this question first. What exactly is transparency in workplace? According to Forbes: “Business transparency is the process of being open, honest, and straightforward about various company operations. Transparent companies share information relating to performance, small business revenue, internal processes, sourcing, pricing, and business values.”

Transparency in business can be the key to helping your employees become more engaged and productive.

Employee engagement without transparency isn’t really engagement

Transparency is sharing the good and the bad and welcoming honest feedback. Tact is required and transparent communication should always be timely and approached with sensitivity, particularly in periods of change that can cause great stress for employees.

Without transparency, your employees will lack direction and motivation.

What are the advantages of transparency in workplace?

Transparency for trust

The biggest reason why every company should strive to become more transparent is trust. When employees feel that they have access to information about the company’s operations and decision-making processes, they are more likely to trust the company’s leadership.

Transparency for employee engagement

When employees feel that their leaders are transparent and trustworthy, they are more likely to be engaged in their work and motivated to achieve company goals.

Transparency for growth

High employee engagement provides a more effective learning and development atmosphere. The atmosphere of learning and development is also the atmosphere of growth.

Transparency for productivity

Employee engagement that comes with transparency brings productivity. In today’s businesses, productivity is the only condition for reaching the future.


Employee engagement has many drivers. Transparency is the most important. The key to trust, communication and teamwork. How transparent is your work environment? What is your employee engagement score? Contact us, take advantage of our free consultancy service.

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