Why leader communication is important?

Good leader must have great communication skills. Leading is dependent upon being able to reach people and connect with people in a way that makes you trustworthy and reliable. When you’re a leader you need to be a resource that pours into others with guidance and direction. The flip side to good communication is knowing when to listen and how to decipher messages correctly.

Effective leadership communication is one of the biggest drivers of company success. Leaders are the ones responsible for building trust within…

Employers who manage to successfully communicate the company’s values and business goals to their employees have much lower turnover rates.

Why is effective leader communication necessary?

  • Align employees with the company culture.
  • Align employees with the company’s strategic goals.
  • Build trust within the workplace.
  • Maintain employee engagement.
  • Encourage two-way conversations and open dialogue.
  • Promote employee collaboration and teamwork.
  • Keep employees informed.
  • Communicate any upcoming changes effectively and in a timely manner.
  • Prevent internal miscommunications.
  • Disseminate important information and make it available to employees. 

What the studies say?

  1. 52% of employees said that poor communication leads to higher stress levels.
  2. 44% of employees reported poor communication causes failure in completing their projects.
  3. 31% of employees said poor communication causes them to miss their performance goals.
  4. 20% of employees in poorly communicative work environments said that they experience obstacles in innovation.
  5. 18% of employees report that poor communication leads to an increase in lost new sales opportunities.

(Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit)

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