Why is goal setting important?

4 important reasons
In order to increase people’s engagement and efforts, you must set strong goals for them and build the route. The more obvious the goals are, the more obvious the effort that employees will make to achieve the goals.
Beyond that, goals provide people with motivation and clarity in their work. There is nothing worse than working on a project without knowing what you are supposed to achieve or what you are contributing to.

With visible goals, projects acquire more meaning and purpose.
1. They help people to set a vision of direction and imagine the ways to get there.
2. They encourage people to think about the meaning of their work and how it relates to the big picture.
3. They build accountability, i.e. do people achieve their goals? What are the reasons why they can (or cannot) achieve their goals? How did they accomplish them?
4. They encourage people to measure their work and think beyond “simple” execution. It is evident that goal setting is beneficial for both individuals and companies in various ways. Having a clear focus in the form of a goal not only helps to keep people on track, but also motivates them more than factors such as financial gain.

Creating clear frameworks and providing tools for effective goal-setting help guiding performance management conversations.

So what is next?
Provide regular feedback on employees’ progress towards achieving their goals and encourage all managers to do so.

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