Who is responsible for employee engagement?

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This is a question that is raised so often. There are two answers given to this question from two different points of view: Individuals are responsible for their own engagement and it is the responsibility of organizations to generate employee engagement.

It is the responsibility of managers and organisations to initiate the movement that will create the willing engagement of employees and to manage the change.

However, even though organisations offer all possible learning, development and coaching facilities along with support to employees, if employees do not want to take advantage of them, the story does not result in engagement.

That’s exactly why the Engage & Grow programmes are unique:

– It encourages individuals to participate in processes. If you have a role in the game and are responsible for your own experience, you are more likely to participate.

– It gives everyone an equal role in action planning; the choice is your employee’s. This is not possible when action planning is made by management.

– The creation of a culture in which individual employees are responsible for their engagement is triggered, but it is the organisation that initiates the drive.

– The two sides share responsibility, thus simulating a horizontal hierarchical order

– The motivations of participants soften the fixed mind-sets. 

– Accountability changes from colleague to colleague, not bottom up.

Organisations select Engage & Grow for their employees. They take responsibility, start the movement. This decision is a cultural reflection. Organizations that value engagement are those that are at the forefront of employee experience practices.

They work on ways to create a workplace culture that allows their employees to be truly successful, and their ways often converge with us ????

Let’s not forget to add that our methodology is applicable, measurable and we use universal standards of tools.


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