What Motivates Gen Z?

The workplace environment is constantly evolving and changing, and for younger employees like those in Gen Z, traditional office politics are not something they care about.

According to Korn Ferry studies, generation Z is motivated by purpose, and this is non-negotiable when it comes to choose of potential employers. Recent studies found that while millennials primarily seek jobs that provide stability, convenience and balance, Gen Z candidates are interested in work which fuels their passions and enables them to make pride in work a priority.

Leaders need to understand their perspectives because Gen Zers are urgently needed in the workforce—despite the global economic slowdown, attracting and retaining talent is still the number one internal issue of C-suite executives, according to The Conference Board’s 2023 C-Suite Outlook.

Five following are the five ways employers can best attract, engage, and retain the workforce of the future, expressed from the perspective of Gen Zers themselves.

  • Respect us with adequate compensation

To best attract, engage, and retain Gen Zers, reevaluate starting salaries and increase pay transparency.

  • Give us more control

To best attract, engage, and retain Gen Zers, give them as much control as possible over where and when they work.

  • Help keep us safe and well.

To best attract, engage, and retain Gen Zers, develop a culture of safety and wellness that genuinely supports employees while on the job, and respects and honors their boundaries and needs beyond the workplace.

  • Provide us opportunities to grow and recognize we have something to offer.

To best attract, engage, and retain Gen Zers, focus on talent mobility by creating and communicating career paths with internal and external development opportunities.

  • Don’t just talk about your purpose and values, live them.

To best attract, engage, and retain Gen Zers, ensure leaders are living your organization’s values in how they communicate with and treat their employees.



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