How do you know when your staff is engaged? Do you know what signs to look for – and what to do when they start to check out mentally?

Employees should be engaged in their work more often than not, for the benefit of their own wellbeing and for your bottom line as an employer. Engaged employees are often more productive and produce better quality work, as they’re personally invested in and connected to their outcomes.

Engaged employees willingly go above their job descriptions

People who are invested in their work and the company want to outperform themselves and develop their skills and careers. It’s for this reason that they don’t stick themselves in a box and restrict their tasks to only what matches their job description. If you see someone agreeing to new and interesting tasks, it’s a sign they’re engaged.

Engaged employees are positive

While it’s impossible to be happy 100% of the time, engaged employees come into work with a positive affect more often than not. They boost their coworkers’ moods and always try and participate in conversations, team building and lunches. On the other hand, people who are disengaged will often bristle with stress, or exude boredom.

Engaged employees are after more than just a payslip

While some staff might show up and get tasks done just to guarantee they get paid, engaged employees find fulfillment in more than just the money. That’s not to say they don’t value a fair wage or salary (it’s important to pay staff what they’re worth) but that they value things like skills development, new knowledge and deep connections with their co-workers.

Engaged employees speak highly of the company

When asked about their job or workplace, these employees don’t hesitate to give it a positive review; although there are some aspects about their work they don’t enjoy, on the whole they’re an advocate of what they do day-to-day.

Engaged employees feel like they’re supported

One of the biggest reasons employees leave jobs is because they’re unsatisfied with leadership. Conversely, they stay in roles because they are supported and listened to if problems do arise.

Engaged employees express their thoughtful opinions

If your workers are thoughtful about their jobs and keen about making progress, they’ll raise their opinions when it’s relevant – whether that’s in meetings or otherwise. If they are interested in seeing the company succeed, they’ll put their mind to making this happen.

But what about disengaged employees?

From time to time, employees may become disengaged – it’s only natural. If this period stretches on for a long time, though, it can signal other issues that need to be addressed. If you notice employees aren’t performing to their usual standard, or have become withdrawn at work, speak to a consultant at Engage & Grow. We’ll be able to create an action plan for you and your employee, to get them back on track.

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