Welcome back Boomerangers!

Welcome back Boomerangers!

  • Some employees are reconsidering their decision to leave a company
  • Up to one-third of new hires are old hires
  • Boomerangers offer advantages to employers on the hunt for talent
  • When you leave a company, don’t burn your bridges
  • Boomerangers will be a big trend in 2023

It seems that some employees who quit their jobs are having second thoughts. Employers who are still feeling the talent crunch are more than happy to take them back.

Boomerang employee rehire rates vary by company, but it’s not uncommon for workers to rejoin a previous employer. Some employers have strict policies for rehires, while others have no problem accepting returning employees.

Of course, not everyone who wants to “boomerang” back will be a good fit. If an exit was particularly difficult or acrimonious then it might simply be a bad idea for everyone involved.


Pros and cons of hiring a boomerang employee


Reduced expenses for training or certifications – returning workers likely already have the necessary qualifications for employment

Improved employee morale – workers see that you don’t hold grudges when someone leaves

Increased sales – a boomerang employee may bring an existing client base or encourage former customers to return

Reduced risk – returning workers are more likely to stay long-term, and there are also fewer surprises associated with hiring someone you already know

New ideas – rehires can bring fresh ideas to your team thanks to their outside experience, which can help your business grow


Workplace drama – an employee who left because of problems with a supervisor or a workplace romance gone bad may create issues

Overlooking better candidates – a previous worker isn’t necessarily the best fit for your company, but it’s easy to overlook other applicants when a trained employee asks to come back

Flight risk – returning employees may leave quickly if issues from the past aren’t corrected

Changed personality – a boomerang employee may have new personality traits or expectations that make it hard to mesh with your corporate culture

Source: Indeed

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