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Worldwide Employee Engagement Statistics are Alarming


of employees are disengaged worldwide


of every highly disengaged employee’s salary is wasted


of every highly disengaged employee’s salary is wasted

How can we change this?

This Interactive Videobook Course is brought to you by Richard Maloney and three hand-picked expert panellists. Together, they delve into strategies they’ve used successfully with Fortune 500 companies, generating huge growth.

Brought to you by

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Two-time winner of the Thinkers 50 award for Most Influential leadership Thinker in the world.

Richard Maloney

Business leader of the Year finalist in Australian Optus Business Awards, Telstra Victorian Micro Business of the Year Finalist

Mark C Thompson

New York Times bestselling author, an Innovation leadership columnist for, and

Brad Sugars

Number one small business coach in the world. Founder of

What you’ll learn

A 10-day guide to unleash the potential of your employees,and in turn, your company.

Chapter 1

What is employee engagement and how can you spot it in your organisation?

Chapter 4

Solution Step One: Evaluate. Setting a benchmark to build from

Chapter 7

Solution Step Four: Align. Going from negative to positive behaviour

Chapter 2

Why are the majority of employees disengaged at work?

Chapter 5

Solution Step Two: Buy-in. Create collective buy-in and accountability

Chapter 8

Solution Step Five: Engage. Going from positive behaviour to high performance

Chapter 10

Panel member summary & conclusion

Chapter 3

What are the benefits of driving employee engagement?

Chapter 6

Solution Step Three: Unify. Driving employee connection

Chapter 9

Solution Step Six: Grow. Managing continuous growth

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course aiming at?

This videobook course is aimed at anyone wanting to create a fully engaged team. Whether you’re a business owner, manager, team leader, or motivated employee, you can reap the benefits of a driven, productive workforce.

Is it free?

Yes, this videobook course will be free for a limited time only when you use a coupon

What exactly is Engage & Grow?

Engage & Grow is not your traditional training company. Training is dead. We are challenging the norm and disrupting the market with everything we do, and our customers love it.

What are companies saying about Engage & Grow employee engagement programs?

“A thought provoking program that I was fully engaged with, it helped to invigorate the support department and created a style of thinking that will last for long after the program has finished”

– Oakman Inn Sales Team, UK Nov 2016 (after 6 weeks)

“Engage & Grow have single-handedly made the most difficult and necessary change to our business, you changed its culture. Now our people are excited to be at work. Now, our people genuinely care about, everything. Now, our people have a desire to go above and beyond. Now, our people bring customers to the front door!”

– Harris & Thorn Plumbers, Australia (after 12 weeks)

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