“The Year of Human” in the Calendar of the World

Do you believe in the stars? The zodiac in the Western calendar takes inspiration from the Heavens while in the Chinese calendar the essential inspiration is the cosmos, nature and the farming calendar. In the West the stars are of principal importance, in the East, it is the sun and the moon. Don’t take me as an expert on astrology, these are the mere few facts I learned in my research before I started writing.

Ι was considering putting my pen to paper and scribbling about the expectations of 2020 and wanted to find a fitting name for this year. Μy path crossed with astrology. And so, the year of human was fashioned.

The stars on Earth

The concept of the year of human I have distilled from my readings, research, experiences, and expert opinions once again involves the stars. But these stars do not live in the Heavens but on Earth lighting up their surroundings. All of them have different qualities. Some are incredible researchers, others very creative, very studious… The abilities that exist in some amount in all of us shine especially bright in them — I have been working closely with one of these stars for a long time, and have witnessed up close how they make an incredible difference @Richard Maloney.

Let’s summarize the common qualities of the stars leading the way in the age of human;

1. They create new tracks for themselves. Racing in tracks created by others does not sit well with them.

2. They consistently learn. Their appetite for learning and growth is truly shocking.

3. They affect the people around them with the light they beam with, they activate others whether they want to or not.

4. They do not fear the trial and error method. They are brave.

5. They are always on the move, stopping does not fit their style.

6. Most of them have already given up on ‘me’. Τhey believes in the strength of ‘us’. ]

7. They use a different pair of glasses, it shows the big picture to them.

8. You cannot find them involved in daily, mediocre conversations that keep people stuck to one place. Even if they are in the same room.

9. They do not look for a culprit, they look for results.

10. They have the effect of glue. Even if you do not like them, being with them gives you a sense of satisfaction. Because they add excitement to work.

11. They are flexible. They wish to move according to the flow, not according to rules.

12. Their sense of time is different than others’. Their working hours are different. It is impossible to delineate the time they are productive.

Star effect

A large percentage of stars are entrepreneurs. But the stars working in large organizations too are a number impossible to overlook. And all of them have amazing qualities in addition to all I have listed above. They recognize it right away when they get a glimpse of a star yet only sparkling. They even have a superpower that helps them unearth stars hidden under dust and time. Τhis makes them leaders.

Because they know that activating the potential in someone else will add to their performance.

What will the year of human bring?

I do not understand those who wish to measure the incredible heights that technology has reached with humans’ capacity. I believe that artificial intelligence will ease the efforts spent on routine work and allow for time for people to reach their true capacity. This is only possible by focusing on people, by uncovering the inherent value in them.

Ask yourself these questions:

Can you manage differences? Among these differences you need to direct, there may be stars hiding. No one dares to fly in a workplace where different is punished. But now is the time to fly.

Are you aware of your own performance? Or, have you let yourself get carried away by the currents of the day, of work, a project? What have you contributed to your own life? How many of the star qualities I listed above with great admiration do you harbour in yourself, how many of them do you repress?

Do you have the energy for the renovation? Let this be a concept I add to the business dictionary. If you are afraid of change, be open to renovation. Not everything old is bad, but there is much you can uncover thanks to renovating.

Every year is a gift.

You cannot outrun time — ones who have lived beyond half a century will know this best.  Before you know it, it runs out. Suddenly there is no opportunity or time to say ‘wait for a second, there’s so much more to do’.  This is exactly why today is the time to stand across your mirror and discover the parts of you that shine. Yesterday does not exist, tomorrow is yet to come and the day is definitively today.

I welcome the year of humans with love. I believe in the stars and their strength. And I wish wholeheartedly that this strength multiplies in its effect and blankets the whole year.

Isik Serifsoy

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