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Technology and HR in 2021

In my previous article, I had taken upon myself to analyze and discuss the emerging people management trends in 2021. And as for technological approaches, one of the most important trends of 2021, I had left to be discussed later as a standalone piece. Technology is not my strongest suit, yet as an executive I constantly must keep in mind and understand the benefits that technology brings to the business world. The core reason for this is the ever-evolving needs, habits, and work styles of the generation. A more technologically-able business world is no longer a choice but a necessary.

How many robots will you hire this year?

Last week, one of my friends from HR announced to me that we have hired our first robot to our HR team, that we even circulated a welcome message. “How come?” I asked, ‘Is it like one of those C3PO things out of a sci-fi movie, walking around like humans?” “No,” she answered laughing, “This is an invisible robot, existing in our system and database, it will perform the repetitive large-scale operations we have ongoing. It will feed on the data we produce, and by processing that data in the background it will produce results.” The company, to showcase its belief in innovation and to set forth a vision, has apparently named this robot and organized a welcome party – considering the pandemic conditions, of course it was virtual. This robot provides support in the foreseeable processes, high-level and sophisticated analysis and critique of the data is still expectedly up to the individual. So we can take a deep breath of relief. But this is a great example to show the ongoing evolution of the new business world.

You must at once evaluate the benefits of artificial intelligence for your processes and adapt yourselves accordingly to it – not by pushing the individual out by along with the human side, with the individual, by upgrading the positioning of the human.

Towards a better employee experience

You will be hearing more and more frequently in the business world questions about what kind of experience you provide your employees. As I articulated in my last article, personalized approaches are crucial. For such, you need a continuous performance management process that assesses data without interruption. Until now, people have spent most effort to make their achievements visible. Technology makes it possible for everyone’s efforts to be equally visible, and for them rewarded suited to their efforts. This is one of the most crucial areas of operation for new-age HR solutions.

Employee engagement and technology

The use of artificial intelligence algorithms will while increasing employee participation and experience also naturally affect engagement. According to studies, a modernized system combined with decisions based on analytical date increases the confidence employees show in decision objective performance management, detection of areas for improvement with more concrete data, and specialized learning method manage to increase both psychological confidence in employees and employee engagement.

Wellbeing and health is in business

Yes, you read that right. Among the vital areas of operation for technology is applications for wellbeing and health. As we many times have articulated, employee wellbeing is seen as great components of productivity and performance. When we look at applications of well-received companies, we can observe that they accept the continuity of physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing as an executive policy. For instance, integrated coding solutions are used with wearable technology. Feedback on mental health is received through applications based with game-features and solutions are discussed through their findings. Wellbeing and health applications are more and more integrated into the code of business.

Virtual reality is part of the game

Virtual reality, a huge part of technological transformation in business, comes up in HR solutions as well. There are companies where a full day at work is lived through as a one-to-one experience through virtual reality. Similarly, VR is employed in areas regarding learning and training. As terms such as “remote learning”, “remote working,” and “remote interview” are enumerated day by day, we can say that virtual reality application will find more use in the business world. This technology which manages to turn far into near is as good a candidate as possible to fill the distance that comes with ‘remote’.

I have here compiled a few tech-related titles that I have researched and found worthy to share. I embrace all benefits and ease that technology brings to our lives with open arms. Especially as part of a globally expanded company such as Engage & Grow. With unique tools that connect me to Australia at dawn and with England by noon, we enjoy continuous communication amongst ourselves. I know for sure that no AI, no machine learning, no robots or VR can ever replace and fill the need we have for a human. It will only underline further the value of the individual. And the individual will grow the more they feel this validation. And thus evolution will continue for eternity.

Isik Serifsoy

CEO Engage & Grow


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