Stand up for employee engagement!

Things are really buzzing here at Engage & Grow. Last week coaches from all over the world participated in our global team conference, which also hosted entrepreneurs and human resources professionals from the global business world. We all worked side by side, as if we were sharing the same office even if just for a few days. We got valuable information about the strategic importance of employee engagement and quite literally applied everyone’s vitamin cures.

Here’s what we took away from the conference:

Business leaders, it’s high time to invest in employee engagement! Absolutely! Without a doubt, the commitment of your employees is the most important factor in your company’s success.

Remote working, which took hold during the pandemic, is with us to stay, making investments in employee engagement twice as important as ever.

Hearing about these things from real-life customers of Engage & Grow was so reaffirming. It’s always great to see that our know-how is bringing tangible business results to our clients. You can reach our reference videos by clicking this link.

Business leaders know that employee engagement is the centerpiece of the employee experience, and they see their real-life experience bearing out what our research shows.

They know from experience that Engage & Grow’s impact is not a short-term one, and that is what makes our programs unique. Engage & Grow creates a ripple in a small team within the company, and then that grows rapidly into a huge wave as the company folds new teams and new products into the process.

From Engage & Grow coaches and coach candidates, we heard that some jobs are made to make money, and being an Engage & Grow coach is definitely one of them. But what’s more important is that beyond that, coaches get to see the transformative power of their work, doubling their personal and professional satisfaction.

In fact, as a coach, that benefit grows more and more as you customize the services you provide to your client companies.

Coaches know that the most important renewable source of energy in a profession is the chance to have different experiences and plenty of time for personal development. Being an Engage & Grow coach provides exactly those things. The time is yours, the project is yours, and the success is yours.

Whatever you do, you need to gain local visibility through local marketing communication activities in your region. The Engage & Grow global team is behind you all the way, providing you with continuous content to help you stay active in your region.

Energy change: 

September witnessed one of the most important milestones in the history of the Engage & Grow organization. Our founder, Richard, who brought his amazing energy, spirit, knowledge, and experience to bear at Engage & Grow, achieved something every entrepreneur dreams of, and sold his shares to Brad Sugars. Brad is a valuable member of our board of directors and a regular on the Engage & Grow scene, having been with us on this journey for many years.

Brad bought the Engage & Grow shares with the aim of leading a major transformation movement in the business world, and the energy he brings is really exciting! We can’t wait to see his involvement unfold in the coming days.

Dear Richard, you have always been a great role model and a great colleague. It’s nice to know that you are always close enough to reach out and touch, thank you for everything you’ve done.

And dear Brad, you have always been at our side. With our whole hearts we believe in the investment you’ve made and the value you will add to the brand. Welcome once again!

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