Resignation, Reshuffle and Reset: 7 trends that create change

Resignation, Reshuffle and Reset: 7 trends that create change

All the articles and conversations will start with the coronavirus pandemic for some time. This is very natural as the impact of the pandemic on people and working life is so profound! The fact that people began to question the meaning of life caused everything to change rapidly. Great Resignation, Reshuffle and Reset concepts have been on the agenda for 2 years and experts base their emergence on 7 trends.

Many managers and management consultants believe that almost everything that has been done to date is wrong, and the world needs a real reset.

What do you see when you look at it from this perspective? Economic indicators are very variable, our planet has become almost breathless, major epidemics have begun to appear, thousands of years old glaciers have reached their melting point in 25 years, and hunger is increasing. Employees are unhappy and tend to quit…

Don’t you think it’s time to reset it?

Some of the trends shaping the Great Reset include:

  1. A proactive and dedicated focus on employee wellbeing and health
  2. Formalisation of hybrid workplaces and flexible workspaces
  3. A shift to hiring for skills and capabilities rather than roles, and a focus on internal mobility, reskilling and upskilling of existing employees
  4. An emphasis on the employee experience and creating a compelling employee value proposition, with a focus on connection, socialisation and collaboration
  5. A commitment to building a sustainable future and creating a purpose-led organisation that employees can connect to
  6. Creation and nurturing of diverse and inclusive teams
  7. Greater accountability and monitoring for businesses, leaders and employees attached to remote and flexible teams.

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