Put employees at the centre, and do it right now!

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The research of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) “Creating People Advantage” identifies the top three most urgent people management topics for creating people advantage that HR leaders should focus on: digitization, talent and the future of work.   The study revealed that 20% of current qualified employees are looking for a new job, even though they are satisfied with their jobs, 68% of white-collar employees are willing to take training from scratch for transition to a new role, and 76% of all employees expect flexibility on when and where they can work.

These results affect the future of the business.

We, at once, need to start building a flexible working environment where employees are at the centre and empowered by digital opportunities.

It means using the advantages of technology correctly for people.  The number of companies will increase, redesign the employee experience with their digital capabilities, be proactive by creating forecasts with HR analytics, see opportunities and move on, and keep up with new methods. Digitization of HR processes is also very important for companies in terms of creating an environment where operational intensity is balanced and productivity is increased. Digitized companies will be able to both make their processes more efficient and increase their productivity by saving costs.

In addition, it is important that each manager searches for answers to the following questions in his/her own company:

·      Why now is the time for less fluff and more substance, humanity and clarity in communications?

·      Why is it important to keep the employee experience of front-line workers front and centre, and how?

·      Why must companies go beyond the basics in delivering health and safety and how employee expectations are changing?

·      What trends will contribute to being a great place to work as the shortage of workers continues, and what to think about as you plan employee engagement efforts?


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