Women’s Leadership Program


About the Program

The Engage & Grow Women in Leadership sessions are designed to engage and inspire while developing new thinking, habits, and behaviors. You can support high-potential women in your organization through strengthening engagement, developing leadership thinking, and building pathways for promotion.


Developing Women’s Leadership Skills Will:

  • Build an inclusive and united culture
  • Create role models at all levels
  • Improve staff and client engagement
  • Enhance employee retention
  • Fast track productivity and profitability
  • Improve communication
  • Align staff and management relationships

Women Hold:

  • 23% of executive positions
  • 29% of senior management positions
  • 37% of manager positions
  • 42% of professional positions
  • 47% of support staff positions globally

However, the numbers show that Organizations experience a 61% higher rate of revenue growth when they:

  • Designate the advancement of women as a top business priority*
  • See gender inclusivity as a driver of financial performance*
  • Fully support making changes to achieve gender Equity*

Source: IBM Women leaders in 2022

Engage & Grow’s Women Leadership Program for women leaders increases employee engagement and naturally supports your profitability and productivity. It is designed to increase leadership behaviors and strengthen the path for the progression and promotion of talented women.

Economic data supports having more women in senior positions. Greater representation of women in senior and management roles means financial success and longevity for the organization.

Catalyst studied 353 Fortune 500 companies and found companies with the highest representation of women in senior management positions outperformed those without, demonstrating a higher return on equity and to shareholders by more than


How It Works?

The Women Leadership Program is implemented based on Engage & Grow’s signature program, Red Belt, which provides an average engagement increase of over 300 percent worldwide.

  • Current or emerging leaders are selected to participate (5-12 people)
  • Group meets weekly or fortnightly
  • Group members transition through stages, developing unity, leadership thinking and new agreed behaviors
  • Benefits are experienced across the organization, extending through to the service providers and end users
  • Program is run in-house or via video link where this is not possible

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