Welcome Program


Welcome new employees with our orientation program

The Welcome Program, successfully implemented by Engage & Grow coaches all over the world, will be an integral part of your company’s talent management processes. Do not let alignment issues, especially in mass recruitment processes; negatively affect your employee experience processes.

Offer your new employees a seamless onboarding experience online with the Engage & Grow Welcome Program.


Why use Engage & Grow’s Welcome Program:

  • Experience new ways to engage your new employees online
  • A great opportunity for a company to make a positive first impression on newly hired employees in the absence of office tours, meet & greets with new teammates
  • Demonstrate & increase inclusiveness, nurture opportunities for new hires to connect with one another
  • Make new employees feel like they’ve made the right decision in joining your company; reach their full potential & productivity quickly
  • Enjoy a program from Global Engagement Experts


How we will help you facilitate this process:

  • An online program to provide employees with a proper introduction to your company, what’s expected & where they fit into overall goals
  • Equip new employees with creating a full 90-day plan u Team activation with proven E&G methods to build relationships that they feel like they can expand on
  • Enhance leadership practices with inspired regular actions
  • Create, recommend & share new ideas for fellow participant’s challenges
  • Establish acknowledgment & recognition practices u Foster creative thinking and self-expression

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