Sports Team & Organization

Sports Team & Organization

The secret to winning teams: Willing participation and engagement

Research shows engaged individuals deliver an additional 30% in discretionary effort compared to disengaged individuals. In sports, forget about 30% extra effort from your engaged athletes and consider what difference just 1% would make to your athlete’s or team’s performance*

The concept of commitment is often used by business residents. As we all know, employee engagement in organizations has an extraordinary impact on sales, customer satisfaction,
profitability, and productivity. You may be thinking that the concept of commitment is borrowed from the business world. However, Engage & Grow’s world-proven loyalty programs are based on the idea of maximizing the performance of athletes.

Engage & Grow Sports Team & Organization Program:

  • Suits every sporting club, demographic, personality, and culture
  • Unearths all team challenges, not just the management issues
  • Your members will thank you as this is the people’s program!

Sports Team & Organization


  • A Powerful & United Team
  • Improved Player Commitment
  • Lower Absenteeism
  • Dramatically Increased Success & Growth
  • Fewer Human Errors
  • Increased Loyalty
  • Increased Ability to Attract Quality Talent
  • A Fun & Re-energized Team Environment

Sports Team & Organization

How it Works:

  • Gather the team leaders (up to 12)
  • We customize programs to meet each club’s needs
  • Follow our 12-weeks program – all action, no pens & paper
  • Impact every team member and every leader

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