Improving sales performance with employee engagement

In the competitive world of sales, team engagement is hugely important. We define employee engagement as the emotional commitment and a willingness to give your best at work. Employee engagement is when we give effort and go the extra mile, and that’s what drives results.

Companies with engaged workforce create:

  • 10% Higher customer engagement
  • 17% Higher productivity
  • 20% Higher sales
  • 21% Higher profitability
  • 23% in customer loyalty/engagement


Our program will transform your sales, leadership, and culture in only a matter of weeks.

  • The 12 Week Sales, Leadership & Culture Challenge can be run in-house or via video link. All meetings are designed to captivate and entertain your key people, while strategically developing new sales, habits, and behaviors.
  • It’s designed to take the day-to-day pressures off the business owner/s and sales managers. Our certified advisors will be there to manage and lead the entire process from start to finish.


How It Works?

  • Gather the sales (& marketing) teams (up to 12 staff)
  • We meet to find out exactly what you want to achieve
  • Your team then follow our 12 weeks challenge – all action, no pens & paper required!
  • Scientifically and neurologically designed over 9 years
  • A fun, powerful, and nontraditional program

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