Leader of Leaders

Leader of Leaders

Leadership & Communication Program

  • As of now, only 20% of workers worldwide have managers who enable the behaviors of engagement.
  • How leaders manage their employees can substantially affect engagement levels in the workplace, in turn influencing the company’s bottom line.

In any company, engagement comes from the top. Employees look to their organization’s executives to set a tone and expectations. They know that company leadership determines whether engagement is important, or even if it matters at all. Engage and Grow” Leadership & Communication Program is designed to empower you to move your company into the top quartile. This way, you too can realize all of the amazing profitability gains and other benefits that come from a fully engaged workforce.

Designed for leaders, this 1-on-1 program will prepare you to build a team. This program helps you increase your influence and your employees’ commitment. Our engagement coaches will be there to help and guide you and hold you accountable through the entire process.

Leader of Leaders


  • Become an even more influential leader
  • Build a great culture
  • Experience increased productivity from their team
  • Get buy-in from their team and stakeholders
  • Quickly become highly respected
  • Increase the care factor of their employees
  • Get better results from their team

Leader of Leaders

How It Works?

  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings
  • Customized program to meet individual needs
  • 16-weeks program – all action, no theory
  • Impacts every one of your key stakeholders

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Leader of Leaders

What makes our program different?

  • The fastest way to develop leadership skills and communication
  • Personalized and focused on weekly wins
  • Tangible measures to demonstrate improved relationships
  • Scientifically and neurologically designed

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