Create Connect Reward


The journey to transformation

In organizational culture transformation, one size does not fit all. This is the journey of transformation: Transformation of your leadership, your team, and the specific challenges you face…

This powerful and unique company-wide program will transform your business culture and turn it into a hive of connection and creativity. Create Connect Reward Program will be led by your employees who have attended to Red Belt Program.

This program directly impacts between 25 – 125 employees all at once over a 10-week period. And hundreds more indirectly. The program begins with the identification of development areas in your company together with your employees. The created project groups work for each area.

The CCR Program inspires your employees to thrive, give their best efforts and achieve extraordinary results in the selected areas, to architect and shape solutions It will instantly create higher levels of engagement and more leaders. That is building a company culture to guide you and your employees toward success.

There’s no debate that engagement is important to people’s satisfaction and productivity at work. Our Certified Employee Engagement Advisors will be there to manage and lead the entire process from start to finish.


How it works?

  • 25 to 125 participants
  • Meet 1 hour per week then all information is shared online for all to see
  • Impacts every staff & eliminates silo mentality
  • Project-focused teams & outcomes
  • All action, no pens & paper

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