Blue Belt


Tangible change tangible progress

Engagement is a fitness and like any fitness, it requires a maintenance regime. This program is designed to sustain the success developed in the Red Belt program. You have finished the sprint, now it’s time to lock the changes in. For the future growth of your business and people.

In the Blue Belt program, our coaches guide the routes of teams from the heart to the brain. The behaviors that tend to change thanks to the Red Belt program permeate the atmosphere of the company throughout the process.

The teams that meet once a week in the Red Belt marathon begin to meet every two weeks with this program. The Blue Belt program, which is done online and face-to-face according to the preferences of customers, makes the desired cultural change tangible.


What is the payoff?

  • You hear the effects of your cultural change in the thanks of your customers.
  • Percentage increase in employee engagement is reflected in all your business results.
  • You get your investment back at an extraordinary speed.
  • After Blue Belt, not only the team’s engagement but also their appetite for innovation increases.
  • You become ready for new breakthroughs, new products and new challenges.

“I would recommend Engage & Grow to any business serious about transforming vision and mission statements from words on the wall into a living culture.”

– Matt Hall – General Manager, Telstra Business Center

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