Unless you are hiring one of the Jedi knights, there is no point in talking about oaths of allegiance.as you might guess, by oaths of allegiance I mean contracts of employment. I find the contracts signed by newly recruited employees quite advantageous, yet I do carry some reservations about the included commitments regarding term of employment. The solution you’ve come up with to keep a capable employee in your company is designating a minimum term of employment and enforcing it through contract? Or is it providing them with an environment they want to stay and work in, being the indispensable employer?

Numerous experts have looked into the characteristics of an indispensable employer from various points of view. The pay, work benefits, workplace environment, leadership are only a few of the possible topics of discussion. Yet at the foundation of all these, much more sophisticated initial steps are in effect.

To be respected, to respect

At the base of every relationship in the world, the need for respect resides. If you rip the book out of your two year-old’s hands when she was playing around with it, that in turn accumulates a reaction in her. You need to devise a better way than bullying to teach how to go through and put down a book. This need that’s crucial for even a toddler is a must for workplace relationships. The employee expects from the institution an honored and respected code of ethics. This is a cornerstone. And the employee tests said respect with simple but effective methods. Do you realize that to this day, the foundational notion of respecting the employee is still on the table of executive teams?

Not without trust!

The second factor just as crucial as respect is trust. As you can see, we still haven’t made it to more pragmatic points such as competency, talent, or development programs. We are still at the very base of the map of needs. Because where there is no trust, it is impossible to talk about dedication. Trust comes about with transparent and healthy communication. Then, neither side makes a mistake to spoil the game. Even if they do, they find the courage to take responsibility for said mistake, and keep the trust intact. If we wish for the people to invest themselves and put their heart into their work, there is no other way but basing our relationships with them on trust. Trust. Make them trust. Enjoy being a trustworthy employer, executive and company.


We want to be valued. We want to be appreciated for our efforts. The invisibility cloak is a nice fantasy, yet in truth we all wish to be more visible. Appreciation is a cornerstone of

In a motivational environment, appreciation is the cornerstone you can establish, for less than the cost of a single minute of the most expensive consultant you can invite to your company, is appreciation. Whenever you can find the time, not simply during periods of wage increase.

Coaching Culture

Imagine an environment where everyone makes an effort to understand one another, where the right questions make way for the right answers. This is one of the fast ways of learning and growing together. Training programs that increase the productivity of the buddies you assign to new employees or the natural born leaders that establish themselves as such in the company. In a system where all executives are able to act as mentors, the risk of hold-up decreases.


We now all know the new generation looks for a sincere purpose and meaning in the work that they do. If there is a meaning behind the building you are erecting, they may carry stones for you. And they will do it with great enthusiasm. This is one of the most important qualities that set them apart. We all think we serve a purpose, yet this purpose cannot solely be money. We are in search of something that crowns moneymaking, something emotional and genuine.

I started with saying that you will not be hiring Jedi knights. There are countless talented Jedis among the new generation. Yet how many Jedis do we have amongst us, to help them balance their hearts and minds?

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