Internal marketing and 7 points that will change your thinking

The competition is getting tougher.  In the past, when it came to competition, competitors and customers used to come to mind.  Competitors are still competitors, but the real competition is in the field of talent. Keeping up with the competitive conditions will be possible by creating the perfect employee experience.

Internal communication is your most powerful weapon at this point!

Internal communicators are also your strength at the forefront of this mission.

It’s vital to approach internal communication from a marketer’s perspective. This requires a robust marketing strategy.


  1. A company is only as good as its employees. When you look at the world’s most successful businesses, you’ll see that they’ve managed to build an environment that attracts and retains the right people to help grow their businesses.  Those companies work not only with “great” people, but also with people who share the company’s purpose and vision.
  2. The best companies don’t take their employees for granted (They are not anyway!). They attribute their meaning, value and vision to performance management and reward strategies.  They provide strong leadership and create an inclusive environment where differences are valued, and people can be innovative to advance the business.
  3. The approach of “our most important customers are our employees” is worth considering! Combine this approach with the view that the existing customer is the most valuable customer.   Use the magic methods you use to attract talented candidates as well for the people who work with you.
  4. You use many tools in your marketing efforts, and in each one you give your customers reasons to choose you and present evidence. How many customers did we touch this week? What feedback do we receive? What messages will we use? How do we manage to get ahead of our competitors? Take all these questions and put them into your internal communication strategy. Really do this!
  5. Marketers simplify complex ideas, turning them into convincing emotional arguments. They create campaigns to get attention and guide people through a series of steps, and they move to the next stage by analysing these campaigns. They think about strategy, creativity and impact at the same time. There may be those of you who think that HR’s business is not marketing. You’re right, it wasn’t 20 years ago, but as of 2022 it is.
  6. “So we should advertise inside our company?” Do you know what the ratio of advertising is in all your marketing activities? And yes, advertise inside your company, too! If the company has achieved great results, if you are preparing to launch a brand new sustainability project and involve employees in this project, if the learning and development programs you implemented in the previous period have changed the results… These are the ones that come to our minds. Think about it.
  7. How much is your internal marketing budget? Did you say, “To tell you the truth, there is no such input at our overall budget” , “There is an internal communication programme, there are motivational programs, etc…” ?

Well, if you want, take a look at the first 6 items once again.

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