How does employee engagement improve performance?

Studies reveal a positive connection between employee engagement and organizational results:

  • Productivity
  • Employee retention
  • Customer loyalty
  • Profitability

Employees who are engaged with their work and feel a sense of commitment to their employer are more productive. Their motivation goes beyond personal factors, making them more focused and driven than their disengaged colleagues. They are efficient and driven towards organizational success.

As always, let’s check the numbers!

  • Glassdoor research shows that on average, a 1-point increase in company rating is associated with a 1.3-point increase in customer satisfaction. The same is true for employee engagement. Employees who are engaged are more involved and work harder while disengaged employees are likely to only do the bare minimum to get by. This holds for organizations across multi-industries including healthcare organizations and factories.
  • Harvard Business Review found that organizations that scored higher in employee engagement reported 48% fewer safety incidents and 41% fewer patient safety incidents.
  • In an HR analytics case study from, a unit (1%) increase in employee engagement resulted in a 4% drop of ‘recordable case frequency’ which is a key industry safety standard at Shell. And the safety performance was in turn directly related to business performance.


Engagement requires behavior change from employees, managers, and leadership. Engage & Grow coaches are working all over the world to create this behavior change. You cannot achieve employee engagement with the push of a button. You should strengthen people’s communication with each other, activate them and create an environment for feedback.

We do this in our programs.

We also support accountability and enable everyone to be the leader of their own business. Give us a call and let’s talk about your employee engagement needs.

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