Giving feedback is important. What about receiving?

In the simplest terms’ employee feedback is the process of soliciting opinions and perspectives from employees.
Employee feedback improves employee and team morale and encourages employees to continue to do their job well or give feedback on where to improve. This is beneficial for both the company and the employee.

Open communication should be a company goal for every business. One way to achieve this is by collecting employee feedback.
When you provide effective feedback on a regular basis, you open up communication pathways so that your employees can respond in kind. This helps transform your team culture into a positive environment where employees are happy and productivity is high.

One of the healthiest ways to get employee feedback is through face-to-face interviews. A Gallup’s report found that employees who have regular meetings with their managers are three times more likely to be engaged than employees who do not. Alternatively, you can also use a feedback app that will allow your employees to send you anonymous feedback instantly from their phones. While doing this, they should have the option to remain anonymous if they want to.

How does it benefit the company to learn what employees think?
• Receiving employee feedback helps to understand organization and cultural changes, allowing a business to adapt as they move forward.
• Feedback will reveal stress-causing issues and underlying friction between workers.
• Creating a safe and comfortable environment for employees to give feedback is key.
• It improves employee morale when employees feel their input matters and is valued by the company.
• Employees who are used to giving or taking feedback regularly won’t be any anxiety associated with the process. This means they will know how to handle a tense situation and take the feedback in stride.
• Sometimes managers have blind spots to areas in which they’re deficient, which could hinder the team in ways that aren’t immediately obvious. Feedback can help illuminate these blind spots.

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