Engage & Grow Franchisee Advantages

Franchising is a widely preferred method for entrepreneurship around the world due to the challenges involved in creating a brand and investing to grow it in the face of today’s intense competition. At Engage & Grow, a company that has grown through franchising across the globe, we offer the following benefits to our franchise candidates:

Global Know-How

If you want to start a business, the knowledge and experience associated with that business are highly valued. Engage & Grow has been using a unique approach, centered on people, to increase employee engagement worldwide for nearly 15 years. As one of the top authorities on employee engagement globally, we possess a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area. Our business partners benefit from this expertise from the outset of our collaboration. We provide a thorough training process that covers all of our methods and steps. We offer support throughout the entire process, while our coaches worldwide share real-life examples and help speed up business progression.

Brand Awareness

Engage & Grow now touches thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of employees in over 30 countries through more than 100 engagement coaches. You don’t need to invest in a new brand when you enter the market. As the Engage & Grow team, we constantly invest in our brand.

Return on investment

When it comes to return on investment, the calculations presented during our franchisee interviews indicate that every investor will receive their ROI in no longer than one year. Depending on the market’s potential, the time frame for your investment could reduce by up to six months.

Effective risk management and flexible working

Investing in a food brand is a huge risk, especially in terms of human health. You are right, food is one of the most attractive businesses in the world, but by investing in a good brand in the service sector, you avoid many costs from equipment to shop rent. The Engage & Grow franchise system is perfectly suited to today’s preferred remote and hybrid working conditions.

A growing business sector

Business leaders now clearly recognise that employee engagement is a prerequisite for business productivity. Companies are very conscious of creating an excellent employee experience and achieving high levels of employee engagement. Engage & Grow programmes help companies achieve high levels of employee engagement in a short period of time, and the importance of this service line is growing.

A unique career opportunity

You may have knowledge of how to add value to people. You may be a manager who wants to go beyond the boundaries of corporate life and share your experience. You may already be providing business coaching to organisations. Engage & Grow offers you both a high quality career opportunity and a unique earning opportunity. Employee engagement is a perfect differentiator within business coaching and you gain advantage by adding a global issue to your existing service offering.

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