Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Why Employee Engagement?

Engaged employees should be the hallmark of every organization. Employee engagement centers around the principle that the people who work for you want to come to work and do more than just the bare minimum. So how does a company step up their workforce engagement to produce employees that are happy to come to work?



To survive and thrive in today’s business world, the importance of attracting and retaining the right talent is increasing. Employee engagement, the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace, has emerged as a critical driver of sustainable success. High levels of engagement promote retention of talent, foster customer loyalty and improve organizational performance.

Engage&Grow provides unique performance & culture solutions through employee engagement programs. We believe companies and leaders need to go beyond traditional training methods to truly engage with their employees and our the Group Activation System is having big impact!

Engagement is

  • The team working to their full potential
  • The driving force behind willful effort
  • The desire to go the extra mile to achieve company goals.

Engage & Grow

Regional Engagement Ranking

Regional Ranking % Engaged
01 United States and Canada 34%
02 Latin America and the Caribbean 24%
03 South Asia 24%
04 Southeast Asia 23%
05 Commonwealth of Independent States 23%
06 Eastern Europe 21%
07 Australia and New Zealand 20%
08 Sub-Saharan Africa 16%
09 Middle East and North Africa 16%
10 East Asia 14%
11 Western Europe 11%

Employee Engagement

What Happens In a Workplace of Engaged Employees?

21% Higher profitability
43% Less turnover for low turnover organizations
17% Higher productivity
58% Less safety incidents
20% Higher sales
18% Less turnover for high turnover organizations
81% Less absenteeism
41% Less absenteeism
10% Less absenteeism

Our unique methodology

How to Move From Disengaged to Engaged Employees

Companies often come to Engage & Grow after trying multiple technology solutions and engagement programs to improve employee engagement. So what makes Engage & Grow excel where other programs fail? Our engagement philosophy centers around the humans we employ. When you focus on the heartbeat of your business, necessary shifts happen that will make your company one that your employees want to work for.

Our job as leaders is to create and cultivate an environment that reinvigorates our work culture and to create a space where employees feel safe to grow and thrive. Engage & Grow proudly works alongside the organization’s leadership to bring the heart and soul of the business to the forefront.

Let’s Meet And Grow Your Business

Partnering for Increased Employee Engagement

Engage & Grow partners with CEOs, Human Resources teams, and other leaders to learn how our cohort of coaching professionals can show up to maximize transformation in employee engagement. Our engagement programs facilitate authentic engagement among every member of your team, regardless of role or job title. Find out why we are quickly becoming the first choice for employee engagement!

Our testimonials do the talking for us. There are a lot of employee engagement companies out there. Some focus on tech. Some focus on teaching. But no one out there addresses the heart of the issue as we do.

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