Empathetic leaders provide their organisations with 7 additional benefits!

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The ability of leaders who put themselves in the shoes of employees and have insights on their thoughts creates a very positive effect on employee engagement.

76 per cent of employees who have experienced leaders’ empathy skills are more engaged.

Teams that rely on their leaders’ empathy skills:

1. They generate more ideas because they know that their ideas are valued. This increases employee engagement and supports the company’s innovation force.

2. They are more relaxed about the balance of work and private life. Because they think they have a leader who respects their privacy.

3. Empathy brings inclusivity. An inclusive work environment embraces diversity and it is a very important feature for today’s business world.

4. Empathy means support. The learning and development environment gets stronger; employees progress and become more engaged.

5. Empathy also affects communication. Communication is comfortable in a company where there are people trying to understand each other.

6. The most important advantage that comes with empathy is positive atmosphere. After the pandemic, we all prefer to be in more positive and comfortable environments.

7. The empathetic leaders think about their employees. They are aware of the importance of wellbeing. They strive to make the work more comfortable.

Empathy positively affects not only the atmosphere of the workplace, but also the life experiences of leaders. They feel happier and become much more successful in role modelling, which is their most important responsibility.


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