Don’t let the viruses thrive!

We all are going through extraordinary times. At times like these, we do not have the words to tell each other what must be done. We have our hopes, intentions and positive energy at our side and all we can do is to hold onto them tightly. There is no giving up!☺

Guess what I have noticed these days: the viruses that reside deep within companies have started to show their colours. Make sure to wash your hands, take precautions, follow the rules, yet never let these viruses reproduce and thrive.

How to identify a virus

They tirelessly make grand announcements about crises in chat groupsyou use for work. It may seem as though they simply wish to shareinformation, but in truth they are content that everyone is officially goingthrough the sadness and struggle they themselves continuously feel andthey want to share their happiness. After all, the viral era has begun and itis their time to shine.

Of course we are all a bit on edge and more than a bit too pensive. But werely on our common sense and coolheadedness —traits essential to everybusinessman or woman — and minimize the reflection and effect of ouremotions to daily life. I am not talking about belittling people’s honestemotions, fears, and pretending they do not exist. But if you detect andbehaviors that trigger a panicked and fear-loaded climate, know that theyare always present. They are simply hiding.

How to protect yourself against viruses

We all know the measures to take against you-know-which-virus — we areall tired of hearing its name daily. We wash our hands, try to stay onlineand aware as much as possible, and practically live in a stand-by mode toprevent the spread. I am assuming we are getting the needed amount ofnutrition, sleep and vitamins in our bodies. We are respecting ourselves,and of course our communities, and taking responsibility in taking goodcare of it

A few suggestions come to my mind, please share yours if you have any.

  • Even if it is remote, do not cut communication with your employees.If you disrupt the communication, then it is just the right time forviruses to thrive. They are the ones to spread sentences like “Thereare no news” “Are they planning to fire us all together?” “Of course,they are well off, who would care…” Plan your communicativestrategy, designate application methods with your operationalleaders and stay in close contact with your employees, even closerthan your day-to-day. Leadership is felt and shown most at times likethese
  • Technology at our age has come to a point where we are as close toeach other online as almost reaching out and holding one anotherthrough the screen. No matter where you are on the globe, all atonce you can be part of a meeting. Let’s take advantage of theseopportunities. I think this is an amazing chance at digitalization.
  • At times, there is no decree in the idea of turning crises intoopportunity. These days I have started hearing this an awful lot.Salesmen of antiseptic solutions, masks and gloves have turned thiscrisis into opportunity with lightning speed. Bravo! But we cannottalk about continuous success in a business environment withoutvalues. Right now, not only their clients but also their employees aretaking notes on this show of opportunism. They may seem to beapplauding you but be sure that gaining a reputation is always thebiggest opportunity.
  • Corporations with high employee engagement know very well howinvaluable a supportive attitude towards employees can be. Yes, partof this supportive attitude is monetary yet most of it is throughbuilding a sense of trust. Do not make empty motivationalannouncements, create a platform they will trust and feel secure
    with. An organization that endures even the most challenging timeof crisis has much more to gain after the crisis passes.
  • There are sectors where the workflow and rates are decreasing. Ofcourse they must be planning and working on a foresight of theoutcomes of this decrease. But this time of stand-by can also beused as a moment of introspection. Opportunities for online learning,long-postponed project meetings that can now be done remotely,brainstorming… I would advise you to look at it from this angle.
  • One of the most important aspects of protecting yourself againstthese viruses is the investment you will be making for employeeengagement. Are you thinking, she has brought it somehow to herown area of interest? You are right, yet I deeply believe in themission of the work we do. I believe that every Engage & Growcoach is a beacon for all that is around them. If you reach out to theclosest E&G coach in your area and have a little chat, you might alsobelieve in the possibilities that will appear in front of your eyes.Client experiences and our efforts til now say as much.

– Isık Serifsoy

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