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If you are here looking to solve the employee engagement puzzle, you have likely tried team-building programs, leadership training, and even technology solutions to no avail. Engage & Grow programs provide heart-centered facilitation, leading all employees to activate an engaging environment. We’re offering more than just lip service here. Let our results do the talking for us.


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See what happens when employees become actively engaged in their workplace after working with Engage & Grow!


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Advance Customs Brokers is the 2nd customs business for owners Maria Bermudez and Patricia Compres. After successfully selling their first company, their former clients begged them to get back into the business, so they did. For the last 7 years they have been the “go to” best in class for imported produce customs brokerage. In a male dominated industry these two women have shown colleagues and competitors how courage, commitment and accountability create success.


Percent of staff fully engaged


Objectives met

The Bombóleo Company has been an importer and distributor of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive parts and equipment manufacturers since 1959. It has branches in Brazil and Angola, selling and assisting products and equipment locally. It is an exemplary business referenced in Aftersales and Training due to its know-how gained through years of experience.


Percent of staff fully engaged


Objectives met

PT Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama, or often called BUMA, was established in 1998, and is currently the second largest independent coal mining contractor in Indonesia. It currently holds around 20% market share by providing coal mining services to some of the largest and longest-running names in the Indonesian coal industry and some new players with high potentials for future growth. BUMA’s operations is supported by close to 12,000 employees and a solid and experienced management team as well as equipped with advanced technologies.


Percent of staff fully engaged


Objectives met

Rasyotek provides support services for technology efficiency in all business processes except for the main activity areas of enterprises. They analyze the data of enterprises and avoid erroneous transactions with the support of an integrator software for Big Data interpretation and via fast, efficient reporting solutions.

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