Create Employee Brand Ambassadors

Your employees are the embodiment of your brand. They are its living, breathing heart that brings life to everything your company represents. The power of employees who are truly engaged as brand advocates is difficult for competitors to replicate.

A successful and contented employee contributes better to their organization and spreads the word of a great company and brand to work or associate with. A satisfied employee is always happy to share news, updates, or product-related information with online peers, thereby acting as a loyal and knowledgeable social influencer on behalf of the company. A loyal employee wins greater trust than a regular social influencer who charges a fee.

Check out this information!

  • An engaged workforce translates into higher productivity, better reputation, and can boost a company’s bottom line.
  • 93% of people have greater trust in information shared by their friends or online community.
  • Linkedin studies show that employees who supported their employer’s brand with appropriate content on Linkedin had 600% more profile views and were able to grow their online network three times faster.
  • Gallup mentions in one of its studies that brands/companies that use internal brand ambassadors – can expand their organic growth by 200% and profitability by 23%.


Invest in employees who have the potential to add value to your organisation and have the emotional intelligence to cooperate with other people. Investing the time, effort and cost to foster an empathetic culture of highly engaged employees is critical to business success.

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your brand’s image, sales, and hiring by leveraging employee engagement and inspire them to become a brand ambassador.

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