Corporate empathy brings employee engagement!

Corporate empathy brings employee engagement!

Until today, we’ve always talked about people’s empathy. Now, it’s time to question corporate empathy! Corporate empathy, or being an empathetic institution, means having a culture where everyone, from the top manager down, values and empathizes with each other.

There is a strong link between employee engagement and corporate empathy.

To be an empathetic institution is to develop emotional intelligence at the corporate level. Thus, there is a chance to analyse what is beyond the visible, such as emotions, reactions, and performance…

When employees feel that they are listened to, understood and cared for, they work harder, take more risks and help others succeed.

Corporate empathy is a proven key to boosting workforce engagement and talent retention, which in turn produce better business results.

Instead of asking leaving employees why they are leaving, leaders in empathetic institutions seek to find out why those who are staying are staying and what can be done better.

Talent wars are heating up and difficult days await companies that are not looking for solutions. These difficulties can be overcome with change starting from the leadership level. Building a culture of corporate empathy could be one part of the solution.

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