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Now is the time to be at the leading edge of that shift and make an impact in your Community

Want to Make a Difference?

Have you had an impact in your company’s organisation culture, and companies you’ve worked with? Would you like to scale that impact? As an Engage & Grow Coach, you have the opportunity to impact organisations and influence teams at scale, as well as create a profitable coaching business while helping others grow.

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Become an Engage & Grow Coach

If you love seeing people develop, seeing results and you are committed to your own growth, then join us to:

Build better 

Build better organisation culture

Build better 

Build better

Our Programs Help Businesses

21% of employees are engaged at work. That means 79% aren’t. Through the coaching programs offered, as a Franchise Partner you will facilitate group programs, coach individuals and teams, and build your local community

Group Activation Programs

See the power of group activation with weekly meetings

Leadership Programs

Create a strong leadership practice for more engaged employees


Elevate your knowledge with Engage and Grow trainings


What Makes A Great Franchise Partner

We look forward to partnering with franchise owners that are heart-centered and passionate about watching relational transformation happen in team settings. You should find deep joy in watching others feel heard and seen so that they may reach their highest potential.

As a Franchise Partner, you are motivated to leave a legacy. You want to see businesses and individual lives transformed, and you see opportunities are abundant. During a time when employee engagement is extremely low, you know that the moment is now if you want to lead change.

Interested in becoming an Engage & Grow Franchise Partner? There are 13 steps to launch your Engage & Grow business.

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How We Support You

Ready Made Programs

Custom-made Programs ready for you to facilitate and deliver a world-class program

Training And Support

Coach Training is business Provided with 13-Step Onboarding so you are ready to scale your executive coaching business

Marketing Support

Marketing material and ongoing training and support

Global Community

Global Community across 35+ countries, 100+ Licensed Coaches, all committed to a common goal


13 Steps to Start Your Engage & Grow Business

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The Engage & Grow Franchise Opportunities

Employee Engagement Coach

Transforming relationships in corporate culture as your own boss or as a part of a larger team with the Engage & Grow vision top of mind.

Senior Franchise Partner

Our Senior Franchise Partners strategically build a team of coaches passionate about the Engage & Grow vision. With access to an exclusive territory, it provides unlimited growth opportunities and ownership in a tangible business asset that increases in value over time.

Master Licensee

A Master Licensee is an inspired leader in a country, state, or region that is eager to bring Engage & Grow’s proven workshops to increase employee engagement and to improve the lives of the humans who make up a corporation’s culture.

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