Are you a fair leader? Here are five questions to find the answer

We have reached the year 2022 and the importance of employee engagement issue speeds up.  Researches indicate that trust in leadership increases employee engagement.  On the other hand, employees with low levels of engagement all over the world target their leaders.  What is the reason of this paradox?  While leaders care so much about employee engagement, why isn’t it revealed in employee attitudes?

According to Gallup data, only 28% of employees strongly agree that the leaders are reliable in doing the right thing.    The most important thing that is expected of leaders: fairness and treating all employees equally.

Again, according to Gallup, 64% of employees who are fully committed to their companies say that their leaders treat all employees fairly and equally.

So, it is evident that the most critical factor of employee engagement is having employees’ trust in their works, colleagues and leaders.

Now, for fair and equitable leadership, ask yourself these five questions:

  • Do I give messages that are clear enough, accurate and easy to be understood by everyone?
  • Am I consistent in my attitudes and messages?
  • Am I sure that I created the equal conditions for everyone?
  • Do I maintain my fairness in any case?
  • How many points do I give myself for hearing every idea and valuing them all?

Let’s assume that you have given positive answers to all of these questions.

Even so, this only reflects your point of view.  Then, you have one more question to consider: 

Are the perceptions of employees also consistent to your point of view?

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