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Our Story

Our practice at Engage & Grow began on the sports field. Our founder was a failed elite athlete. As any good entrepreneur does, he began searching for the reasons he failed as an elite athlete so to learn from his mistakes. This eagerness to learn quickly turned into a desire to help others succeed on the field. Over time, he learned that these same lessons could be translated and implemented in business to create world-class, highly engaged corporate teams.

Employee Engagement is having individuals who are eager to get up in the morning and participate in society and something that is bigger than them because they understand their role in the big picture.”

Engage & Grow believes that healthy businesses are multi-faceted living forces that embody corporate values, and that can enhance the human experience. Employee engagement is not an issue that should only be discussed at the business level or, it is not just a matter of some ratios and concerns only the business and the manager. If we define employee engagement in its simplest definition as willing participation in work, it is about how willingly you participate in life, work and relationships.

It’s about the rhythm and enthusiasm with which your heart beats.

Your heart does not beat differently at work, in your bedroom or at the restaurant.

You carry it everywhere in life.

And, you affect the life.


300+ Licensed Coaches The lifeblood of Engage & Grow are our talented coaches. They exist to help businesses engage in a more meaningful way no matter the size or industry.


35+ Countries Since starting in 2012, Engage & Grow has expanded to six continents and more than 35 countries to truly become a global movement.


2000+ Programs Run It does not matter what industry you are in, what role you play or what size your business is, the Group Activation System is having big impact!


30,000+ Engaged Employees This is what we live for…turning an underperforming staff into fully engaged employees. Nearly 50,000 and growing every day, we believe in the individual.



Who We Serve

Engage & Grow programs create significant change for corporations in every field, industry, and size. Companies can choose from our variety of programs to produce custom solutions for their teams, branch employees, or leaders.

In addition to our focus on the business world, we also support teams and organizations in the following areas: primary education centers, houses of worship, sports teams, not-for-profits, secondary education/universities, and any group where engagement matters.


Shift employee performance and corporate culture through unique employee engagement programs.


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If you’re ready to step into a rewarding career that impacts your life, the life of your teams, and allows for unlimited income possibilities, contact us to learn more about becoming an Engage & Grow franchise owner.

Engaged Employees are more fulfilled in their work. Work with Engage & Grow to create a more engaged work force.