5 top causes of low employee engagement

Now we all accept the fact that:

Companies need an engaged workforce to stay competitive in a complex and continually changing environment. Increasing employee engagement is one of the primary goals for organizations across the world. However, driving employee engagement is not easy to achieve if you don’t have the right engagement strategy in place.

  1. Poor Leadership

Low employee engagement, high employee turnover, low productivity, and lack of discretionary effort are all symptoms of a single root cause – poor leadership. This truth will remain the same for all times.

  1. Lack of Purpose, Meaning, or Connection

Employees who feel connected to their organization work harder, stay longer, and motivate others to do the same. Alignment in meaning and purpose is a tremendous source of engagement. Disengaged employees are the ones that don’t feel like their contribution drives business growth and success.

  1. Lack of feedback

98% of employees disengage from their work when they receive little or no feedback. Employees, who don’t receive feedback for their work, don’t work as hard to achieve their goals.

  1. Lack of interest in holistic employee well-being

Many talented employees are leaving for workplaces that align with their personal belief system and show an authentic concern for individual employee wellbeing. People want a good job and a life well-lived. High well-being enhances the benefits of engagement, lifting employee performance to levels not achieved through engagement alone. The reverse is the engagement killer.

  1. Unsatisfactory pay and benefits

Even though money alone is not enough for employee engagement, fair compensation is important to employees. This basic point in the employee engagement hierarchy must be met in order for an employee to continue moving up the hierarchy, be entitled for raises and become more engaged.

Employee engagement is not a one-time action. It’s not a task that can be checked as “completed”. From an employee’s first day and every day after, and even after leaving the organization, engaging your employees doesn’t have an off switch – it’s the company culture, a language, a way of doing things.

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