3 important points to increase the engage of remote employees

Remote work is here to stay. It’s no secret that remote work offers many benefits to both employees and employers. Employers get access to a global talent pool, and employees get the freedom to work from a convenient location.
But remote work isn’t all a bed of roses. It has its own challenges, one of which is to engage remote employees.
“Keeping remote workers engaged is a necessary part of leading a remote team, company or employee,” said Rachel Jay, senior career writer at FlexJobs. “Without the ability to have organic conversations in the break room or at each other’s cubicles, it takes a more concentrated effort for remote workers to engage with others … A lack of engagement can lead to isolation and loneliness, a lack of passion for the company’s vision or goals, and feeling unhappy and unappreciated.”

How can companies keep remote employees engaged?
Be sure to communicate your expectations of your employees while they work from home. Employees who are aware of what your expectations are will be more motivated to meet those expectations.

Remote employees can often feel like they’re left out of the loop. Prioritize open communication. Opening communication channels does not mean just establishing a technological infrastructure. Support communication. Have meetings where you share emotions and ideas. One-on-one and as a team.

We’re all human. We have vulnerabilities, we have needs, we have special needs. We want to feel trusted and appreciated. This third point is actually the key to the first two. See people and try to understand who they are. Be equal and fair. Do not forget that autonomy is a human need. Wherever employees are, these three points bring them closer to the company and to their managers. These are also the building blocks of Engage & Grow’s magical method.
We believe that humanization will change everything

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