2023’s latest employee engagement statistics

  • Gallup’s latest State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report highlights some key figures we should be aware of as we move closer to 2023. Currently, Gallup states, 21% of employees are engaged at work and 33% of employees are thriving (i.e. engaged) in their overall wellbeing.
  • A study by the Conference Board on workplace engagement discovered that disengaged workers cost American businesses $450-550 billion annually. Disengaged employees are less responsible and accountable for their attitudes, behaviors, and motivations, and lower overall productivity and work quality.
  • Unsurprisingly considering the importance of employee engagement, according to the Performance Management Report, almost 48% of companies have started focusing on productivity and engagement rather than just development.
  • Employees are three times more likely to remember a recognition experience when it includes a symbolic award. –Global Culture Report from the O.C. Tanner-
  • According to a SHRM survey of 3,000 workers, employees are happier with their employment and colleagues than with their managers.
  • Employees who perceive their companies to be transparent have 8.8x greater job satisfaction than employees who do not perceive their companies to be transparent. –2023 Future Forum Pulse: Winter Snapshot
  • 73% of employees want to know about career opportunities within their organization. –2023 Cornerstone People Research Lab and Lighthouse Research & Advisory’s Global Talent Mobility Report
  • 38% of employees say that they’re at risk of potential burnout as a result of inefficient work processes. –2023 Qualtrics Employee Experience Trends Report
  • Despite businesses being behind on the uptake of effective comms practices, according to a report by Connected Culture employees who regularly communicate with one another are more productive.
  • Over three fourths of employees (76%) consider their workplace a community and nearly as many (72%) say it’s important for them to feel like part of a community at work. –Global Culture Report from the O.C. Tanner-
  • 43% of employees want their employers to foster a more “pro-health” environment. –Mercer
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